The Liverpool Turning 2

More from Sue Sinclair.

‘After Saturday morning the numbers are continuing to rise and as far as I know it’s now 681 plus others that we have not been told about. Mother and adult daughter actually just walked into Love Assembly Sunday and gave their lives to Jesus. Taxi driver also gave his life to Jesus yesterday. It was brilliant to see Charlie in Church yesterday (who is having a very dramatic experience coming from a challenging lifestyle). Also John who is homeless (was at deaths door when we met him and didn’t want to be helped off the streets) and he looked so much better.’

338 people were trained to evangelise on the streets.



You would have read on this site a few months ago of what has been going on in Reading, Berkshire through the ministry of Yinka Oyekan. Over the last two weeks, Yinka has been in Liverpool with a team to train the churches to go out on the streets as they did in Reading.

Here is a short report from Sue Sinclair who was one of the organisers.

‘There is no way of even describing the seismic shift that has started in our city…it could only be God! 70+ churches represented, so many Christians working in unity empowered to share the Gospel, thousands of people encountering Jesus love on the streets, over 22 hours 654+ people praying a prayer of salvation, people already being followed up and coming into the Church = God is doing something incredible.’

This is another indication that God is on the move and people are open to hearing the Gospel message. The next city to receive Yinka and his team is Southampton and then Leicester.


A man who worked in a local hospital approached a patient who was about 50 years old and who was dying of prostate cancer. He told the patient that God loved him but the man would not receive it. He said that The doctors might think he was dying but God thought something different. When I asked if he was a Christian the patient said when he was young but since then he has messed up. The hospital worker said “don’t worry, today is your day, today you have found favour with God.” He closes the curtains around the bed and laid hands on the man, praying with all his heart. At the end of the prayer at the hospital worker said “Amen”, which was repeated by the patient. The patient said that he felt something moving in his groin and his stomach. The hospital worker open the curtains only to find nurses and staff on the other side. He was a bit worried about the consequences but the patient shouted “Alleluia!” and the staff and nurses couldn’t but say “Amen” in response.

He felt a different atmosphere in the ward and felt an anointing come on him. He saw another patient who looked very sad, so he told her about God and said that God would visit her and give her laughter. A little while after that he was asked to take that woman to another ward, and as he was transferring her she began to cry, saying that she felt so much joy and nobody has spoken to her like that before. When they arrived at the new ward she was sparkling. The hospital worker then told the six ladies in the ward that they had found favour with God and he released healing over them all.

He said that everything was changing in the hospital and all he could see was God and people suffering.


A woman who works as a Social Worker in Social Services, said that they were so inundated with calls they were unable to cope; it was a work place where you get into trouble if you speak about God. She was leaving work on Thursday when she told a colleague that the following day she was going to pray around the office, because things couldn’t continue the way they were with people being stressed, unable to cope and feeling overwhelmed. The following day all the social workers arrived late and the colleague she had been speaking to the night before said to her that she was going to pray but she hadn’t. It’s so happened that the manager was standing nearby and overheard what was said and she said to the Social Worker, “Pray, do it now, pray!” So she prayed for one part of the office, but then the manager told her to pray for the whole office, which she did. When she had finished, the manager said she should do this often.


A young woman from Wellington was making a salad with lots of fancy designs and was using a special cutter, but she cut the top of her finger off and she could see the top inside the blades. Her dad bandaged the finger and she went to the doctors the next day to ensure that there was no infection, and the finger looked the same as it had the previous evening. During the day she just prayed and prayed, not particularly praying for healing, but just concentrating on Jesus. In the late afternoon she went to change her bandage, but was completely shocked to find that her finger was back to normal with the original curve at the end of her finger.


The two young Americans who are ministring for three weeks in Wellington, Shropshire, went to visit Ludlow last week. While there, one was speaking to an old man who had a hip replacement and to have to wear a hearing aid. He prayed for this gentleman and and he took his hearing aid out and put it in this pocket as he went on his way. Whilst this was happening, the other American was praying for a man who had a sword go through his hand while he was juggling or something, and since then he has not had full movement in his hand and suffers from numbness. After prayer he was able to use his hand fully and the numbness has gone.

After this the young Americans went to visit Ludlow Castle and whilst there one of them looked over the parapet and saw four of five young people down where the moat was and he called out God loves you and the response from one of them was he loves you too. There followed a conversation where the young American told them about Jesus and they asked questions. During the conversation it became apparent that a young woman had a problem with her shoulder, so the young American prayed from a great distance down to her for healing. The next day the young American heard from them via Facebook and heard that the young woman’s shoulder had been healed and one of the young men, who had been suffering from insomnia, said that he felt peaceful and he’d had a really good night’s sleep.


During the service on Saturday night at House of Prayer, Wellington, two people came of the streets and accepted Jesus. There was a strong presence of God at the weekend services and I believe the well is being dug deeper.


I posted two days ago about meetings in Shropshire; these meetings took place at House of Prayer, Wellington.

There was another meeting last night; people were getting healed during the worship. One of the pastor’s testified as follows:

“In the middle of worship, the presence of God is really strong,  this lady walks in, it is her first time ever in church. She actually came because someone from the church just loved on her in the street a couple of times. She was so touched by that, she decided to come to church. She had an amazing touch from God, ended up on the floor under the Holy Spirit and got up a completely different woman. Now that  was amazing in itself, but as she is on the floor receiving ministry, having a life transformation, her taxi is waiting downstairs. The driver is wondering where she is, and a guy who walks past from the pub, says he knows where the House of Prayer is and he comes upstairs to get her. He has never been in church before and he walks in and sees her having ministry on the floor  with the Holy Spirit and he decides to wait. Five  minutes later he is saved, he is healed, he is filled with the Holy Spirit; he is blinking, saying ‘I do not even know why I am here’. He keeps saying ‘I feel different, I feel new, I feel brand new’. It was amazing how full of love and full of God he was.”



Something is happening in Shropshire

Sunday week ago a visiting speaker went to a church in Shropshire – he was excited and expectant because he had never preached in a building where there had been a big revival before. On the Saturday he was speaking to a prophetic friend who saw him walking across a field, and coming to an ancient well which had been filled in, he took his staff and struck the well with the result that water poured out. He immediately went into a wood and cutting out a suitable branch he fashioned a staff.

As it happens there were two young Americans visiting for two weeks; young men who go out on the streets to love people, heal them through the power of Holy Spirit and then lead them to Jesus. One of them led the worship at the meeting, bring people into the presence. The speaker spoke on four aspects of revival – Travailing Prayer, Baptism of Fire, Testimony and Evangelism – and then he struck the ground with the staff to open the well. He then struck the floor again and the staff broke in two, he then stopped. However, one of the church leaders, a seer, told him to continue striking the ground. She said that at the first strike she felt cool water rising up around her, and the breaking of the staff was the old being broken off. She said that he needed to strike the ground once more to seal what was happening. She said she was seeing loads of angels and some were dancing with joy at what was happening.

During ministry the Americans prayed for healing – several were healed and there was one salvation. At the end of the meeting the pastor stood up and announced that as from Wednesday there would be nightly meetings.

During last week’s meetings the well got deeper. One of the leaders texted after yesterday’s (Sunday’s) meetings – ‘Strong spirit of repentance tonight – packed hall – salvations – recommitments – much weeping – transformation and healings. At least 50 testimonies.’ There have been 15-20 salvations.

Something is happening in Shropshire!


Here is a testimony from Fran in Torquay. Just shows – listen to and obey that still small voice.

‘I saw a homeless man sitting on some steeps in Torquay town yesterday. I walked by him but the Lord told me to go back to him ( I didn’t want to as my a lot of pain with my back but I went back to talk to him) He has a 12 yr old daughter and He is homeless. He had cuts on his face and a broken nose from a fall. (He is not a drug addict or alcoholic) He let me pray with him and then he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. I asked him how he felt and he said he felt like crying.’

More Lord!