This is the first man I have come across who moved in the prophetic, healing etc.

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Here is my second Forgotten Hero. Bilney was one of the first Protestants in this nation who died for his faith.
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Here is a link to the Introduction of my series on the lives of Revivalists and Reformers. They are called my FORGOTTEN HEROES.
I believe it is essential for the Body of Christ, especially young people, to know about our spiritual heritage and about the lives of these extraordinary men and women.

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I am happy to say that the move of God that began at Capstone, Ilford in June is beginning to gain traction. There are a few bold people who have received at Capstone and have recognised what God is doing and are starting ‘Revival’ meetings.
Sunday 22nd October and Sunday 29th October at 7pm, Good News Church, Senior Citizens Hall, Duke Street, Macclesfield SK11 6UR.  ‘We do think that this is a genuine move of God that could develop into something big.’
Saturday 14th at 7.00pm, Living Waters Four Square Church, The Scout Hut,387 Kenton Road,Kenton HA3 0YG.
Every Wednesday and Friday, Bethel Church, 11 Delaware Street, Preston, PR1 5XT
A good friend of mine has ministered to three different streams in three days and ‘the power of the Holy Spirit fell in all settings; people weeping and shaking under the power of God.’ He has seen this abroad a lot, but this is the first time he has seen it in the UK, in such a consistent way. 
God has great plans for our nation, but He cannot do it without our help. The above meetings are a start, but we need hundreds of fires to break out here. 


I consider this to be the most important email/post I have ever written.

I can hardly believe that the first stage of what I have been praying for for 20 years has finally arrived. I am so thankful to God for lighting a fire at Capstone Church, Ilford.

Here are two prophetic words within an hour – one by James Goll in San Diego and one by Emma Stark at Friday’s meeting.

What is happening there is a sacred move of God. In His wisdom He has lit the fire in an out of the way place in East London; in a small church made up mainly of people of Indian ethnicity.

I guess this might offend some people, as one might have expected God to move first in a nice church full of Anglo Saxons. However, God is wiser than we are! Rakesh and Preethy Kurian have experienced revival in India and they came to this nation for one reason and one reason only (two if you count God telling them) – Revival!

The Kurians are a wonderful couple, who are prepared to give everything they have (and they have done so in the past) for revival. They realise that there is a large cost for hosting a move of God – money (the one in San Diego costs £750,000 a year); exhaustion and a potentially a lot of criticism and opposition, but they have said ‘yes’ to God. I had been to this church many times before this move started 5 weeks ago. It was and is a church full of love. The people to a man (or woman), were and are hungry and passionate for God. I have not seen that amount of love and passion anywhere before. In addition the worship always brings in the presence of God. Capstone might be difficult to get to, but I understand exactly why God has chosen this church to reside in.

God has done His bit, but wether or not it develops into what this nation desperately needs – an awakening – is up to us. It is up to us to visit and receive what is on offer and then return home to start another fire. It is up to us to go out into the streets to release His glory and bring people to Christ. It is up to us to help pray for this move of God.

So why is it that relatively few people have visited Capstone in the last 5 weeks to drink the new wine?

– ‘busyness’ is the main reason I have heard. May I suggest that this is a season to cancel things to enable us to get to these meetings. We have been waiting 20+ years for something like this; are we going to be so busy that we have no time for the new wine of God,

– ‘too difficult to get to’ comes a close second. As I mentioned above, it is God who chose this out of the way place. Some people have come from Glasgow, Sheffield, Macclesfield and Leeds and one person travels 600 miles per week to get to the meetings.

– some people are watching online. This is absolutely great; I understand 3,000 + are watching each night from all around the world. Definitely, one receives that way, but there is nothing like going to the well.

– some are happy doing what they do for God and do not need any more. Might I suggest that many people are doing good things for God, but not the best. I believe that this is a new season and it is a time for many to leave the old wine skin behind and taking up the new. May I suggest it is a time for laying our ministries on the altar and saying to God, do you still want me to carry on with this or have you something new for me.

The only way we are going to get our nation out of this awful place is to bring people to the Lord. This move of God is about Presence, Presence, Presence. If we carry His presence wherever we go; few will be able to resist Him. We have the opportunity to go to these meetings to be filled up so we can then take it to the streets and release it. Please, please do not let this outpouring pass you by. It may be gone in a day, a week, a year; we do not know.

During the 1994 outpouring plane loads of people went over to Toronto to receive and then release it in the UK. However, the people of Toronto hardly went to the meetings. Please don’t let that happen here in London or in the UK. God is offering us something; I urge you to receive it and then change our nation.


I am excited to say that I believe that a new move of God has begun in our nation. I believe that this is the beginning of what we have been longing for.
There is currently a move of God going on in San Diego, under the ministry of Jerame and Miranda Nelson, which I have visited twice. They have been going since January last year and have had over 400 meetings.
A little over three weeks ago the Lord told Jerame that he needed to get to England, so he contacted the pastor of Capstone Church, Ilford, who he was in relationship with and asked if he could put on a conference in 5 days time. Rakesh and Preethy Kurian are Indians who came to this nation for one purpose – Revival, so they immediately said yes.
Jerame came over and the first week’s meetings were powerful – he said that they were much more powerful than the first meetings they had in San Diego. Miranda came over for the second week and Charlie Robinson, a prophet from Canada did this week. The meetings this week went up a level.
A pastor from Preston brought down a minibus full of his congregation during the first week, and he then Livestreamed the meetings four times a week into his church and he says something has begun there.
I believe these meetings are very important for the nation. The fact that it transferred to Preston is very important.
It would be great if you could  to the meetings this week – Jerame Nelson is back this week, Wednesday-Sunday 7.00pm and then Charlie’s son, Samuel Robinson is there the following week. The meetings have been extended to the end of August.
The meetings can be viewed here