About UK Awakening

It’s time for revival in the UK!

On this website and www.ukwells.org, Michael Marcel documents the past – and coming – UK awakenings and revivals.

Michael’s Mission
The call on Michael Marcel’s life is to document past and future UK awakenings and revivals and pray open past wells of revival. Michael has written three books on the subject and speaks on revival all over the the UK.

Over recent years Michael has been spending weeks at a time recording the Christian history of the UK. He has travelled the length and breadth of the nation visiting over 1,000 places where God has poured out His glory.

It has been a remarkable on-going journey. You can see the ever increasing information on our spiritual heritage at his UK Wells website, that is updated with new testimonies and information as more and more of our remarkable heritage is uncovered.

In this season, Michael has been called to usher in the coming revival/awakening and to try to ensure that as many people as possible know their calling and take the position they are called to in the revival.

About this website
At the time of writing, the UK is starting to see the beginning of a move of God. So many people are expectant of the long-awaited revival coming to our land. To understand what is about to happen we need to understand about past revivals and awakenings.

The posts on this blog will endeavour to give you an understanding of the past and lead you into the future!