This is just to let you know that Capstone is still going strong and entering a new phase. The prophecy is from the seasoned prophet Simon Braker

“As we stood in worship the Lord took me into a vision. I saw a giant bowl in this room and it was full. The angel went to the Father and said, ‘Father it is full’, and the Father looked at him and said, ‘well then, get a bigger one ‘. I saw that bowl being tipped into another bowl, and what is here now was dwarfed, because the bowl was so big. What I hear the Lord say is He has been building it up to this moment, and it is no coincidence that Apostle Che Ahn is here tonight and Jerame (Nelson) is coming next week, because from this moment it shifts into an apostolic flow, that it is going to break into a new level in the nations.”