The meetings at Capstone Church, Ilford are now in their 5th week and are as powerful as ever.

The Bethel, Preston pastor is now doing his own meetings three times  week. A friend of mine visited this week and said the glory was tangible. If you are in the area do go.

Her are a few testimonies I have heard about re Capstone.

– This guy came down from Leeds for one night. He wrote – ‘Yesterday I left the car at work and cycled home – 19m got home went to the shop for food cooked a mini bbq sat cleaned up then went upstairs as normal, but cycling home I could feel a wrestling in my spirit I actually thought I might be coming down with something. I browsed various arguments for and against what I now understand is termed the Toronto Blessing.

I fell asleep for 1 and a half to 2 hours and then woke up when my wife came to bed about 10:30 getting back into bed after a wash I couldn’t get back to sleep as there was still this unsettled feeling within and I started thinking perhaps some of the opposition and warnings I had about what was going on at Capstone might be right?

I asked God for His peace and asked Him why I wasn’t feeling his peace. He replied that I was too concerned about what others thought of me and I ought to be exclusively focused on him and what he thinks of me.

Then when I agreed and committed to doing that His peace came followed by wave after wave of heaven sent joy. It became so intense I moved downstairs as God continued to pour the oil of heavenly wine into my soul. It was as if I was walking the very streets of heaven and the earthly concerns we carry seemed laughable from that viewpoint, from the viewpoint of God’s presence “for in is presence there is…”

– A pastor from Macclesfield wrote – ‘My wife and I were at the meetings last Thursday and Friday evenings. We were particularly impacted by Charlie releasing something about the sound of heaven that would inspire worship leaders and musicians. And also what he said about revival inheritance and the seeds of revival sown and watered.

Last Sunday we gave a call to our church to receive prayer impartation of what the Father was giving through Capstone and last week’s meetings. We are a small church and over 50% of people responded and I believe received this. There was a tangible increase in the anointing and some were quite impacted. We prayed particularly for those involved in praise and worship.

We are very encouraged.’

– A lady came with a few worshippers from a church near Portsmouth. She wrote, ‘Friday night 2 of us passed on the anointing to some of the worship team while we had worship practice, they were totally drenched in the Spirit. During worship on Sunday there was a definite increase in the the power of God and I saw people worshipping in a way I haven’t seen in our church before and last night during the outpouring prayer meeting the Holy Spirit manifested again.

I’m hoping to come back up to Capstone Church this week as I feel a burning desire in my heart to be back there for a few days.’

– A lady who has been watching via livestream from France wrote. ‘we are following the revival from France and touched beyond what we expected via the net…even had rain thunder and lightening come from nowhere when Jerame sang about the rain falling. We have the fire and have been basking in His glory. I did buy a plane ticket to London to be there with you 3 weeks ago, but I had nowhere near enough to stay and no finances for hotel…but i had packed my sleeping bag ready for the floor! maybe there are many like me…

Please come and take the flame back to your town. Our nation is desperate for a move of God, but it is up to us to spread it.


I am excited to say that I believe that a new move of God has begun in our nation. I believe that this is the beginning of what we have been longing for.
There is currently a move of God going on in San Diego, under the ministry of Jerame and Miranda Nelson, which I have visited twice. They have been going since January last year and have had over 400 meetings.
A little over three weeks ago the Lord told Jerame that he needed to get to England, so he contacted the pastor of Capstone Church, Ilford, who he was in relationship with and asked if he could put on a conference in 5 days time. Rakesh and Preethy Kurian are Indians who came to this nation for one purpose – Revival, so they immediately said yes.
Jerame came over and the first week’s meetings were powerful – he said that they were much more powerful than the first meetings they had in San Diego. Miranda came over for the second week and Charlie Robinson, a prophet from Canada did this week. The meetings this week went up a level.
A pastor from Preston brought down a minibus full of his congregation during the first week, and he then Livestreamed the meetings four times a week into his church and he says something has begun there.
I believe these meetings are very important for the nation. The fact that it transferred to Preston is very important.
It would be great if you could  to the meetings this week – Jerame Nelson is back this week, Wednesday-Sunday 7.00pm and then Charlie’s son, Samuel Robinson is there the following week. The meetings have been extended to the end of August.
The meetings can be viewed here