The Liverpool Turning 2

More from Sue Sinclair.

‘After Saturday morning the numbers are continuing to rise and as far as I know it’s now 681 plus others that we have not been told about. Mother and adult daughter actually just walked into Love Assembly Sunday and gave their lives to Jesus. Taxi driver also gave his life to Jesus yesterday. It was brilliant to see Charlie in Church yesterday (who is having a very dramatic experience coming from a challenging lifestyle). Also John who is homeless (was at deaths door when we met him and didn’t want to be helped off the streets) and he looked so much better.’

338 people were trained to evangelise on the streets.



You would have read on this site a few months ago of what has been going on in Reading, Berkshire through the ministry of Yinka Oyekan. Over the last two weeks, Yinka has been in Liverpool with a team to train the churches to go out on the streets as they did in Reading.

Here is a short report from Sue Sinclair who was one of the organisers.

‘There is no way of even describing the seismic shift that has started in our city…it could only be God! 70+ churches represented, so many Christians working in unity empowered to share the Gospel, thousands of people encountering Jesus love on the streets, over 22 hours 654+ people praying a prayer of salvation, people already being followed up and coming into the Church = God is doing something incredible.’

This is another indication that God is on the move and people are open to hearing the Gospel message. The next city to receive Yinka and his team is Southampton and then Leicester.