Here is a testimony from Fran in Torquay. Just shows – listen to and obey that still small voice.

‘I saw a homeless man sitting on some steeps in Torquay town yesterday. I walked by him but the Lord told me to go back to him ( I didn’t want to as my a lot of pain with my back but I went back to talk to him) He has a 12 yr old daughter and He is homeless. He had cuts on his face and a broken nose from a fall. (He is not a drug addict or alcoholic) He let me pray with him and then he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. I asked him how he felt and he said he felt like crying.’

More Lord!


A friend of mine in Bristol had an interesting conversation today with the manager of a cafe:
He asked – is it OK if I were to have a table in the corner and pray for people, I believe God wants to show people how much he loves them..and experience his love.
Manager: Really, how..would he do it for me? My friend: of course, He loves you..would you like to meet him now, here in the cafe?
Manager: yes ok .. do I have to do anything?
My friend: nothing just relax..it’ll be really low key and why don’t you ask him a specific question which requires a specific answer. I’m now going to invite Jesus. Come Holy Spirit.
Manager: Oh I have this weird sensation, feel warm, tingly, really good..
(Then I saw (inside the enclosed cafe) a dandelion seed waft from her computer screen and land on her nose, but I didn’t think anything of it)
Manager: I think my question was answered, but how can I be sure it was God?
My friend: you decide..ask!
Manager: the answer to my question was ” get back to nature, which you enjoyed..” and then that seed landed on my nose as if to affirm it..
She then had to leave…thank you Jesus!

Another Leicester Salvation

A Muslim man in Leicester had a dream; in the dream he saw a man dressed in white standing next to a cross, the man in white told him to go to the clock tower tomorrow at 12pm and a man standing there will tell him what he must do, The next day he went to town and found a street preacher at the clock tower, he told the preacher his dream and was then saved as a result. The same night this Muslim man had a dream that his sister in the Middle East had a similar dream, except she was told to call her brother in the evening. On phoning her brother told her what had happened and shared the gospel and she was saved!