This is a message for pastors.

I was on my daily walk this afternoon when the this thought came to me; not for the first time I should say. Why are the speakers at conferences in the United Kingdom, nearly always American or Canadian?

Please don’t get me wrong; I have huge respect and love for the amazing teachers, prophets, evangelists, intercessors and worship leaders who have ministered in the United Kingdom over the years. A number of them are friends or acquaintances of mine and I have been blessed in a major way by their ministry. I would go so far as to say that their ministry has held up our arms, so to speak, for a number of years and I do not know what the United Kingdom would have done without them. However, I believe that this is a time for UK preachers to rise up in the nation.

We have some amazing men and women who are unknown because they have never been given the platform to minister. We have some extraordinary preachers, prophets and particularly, evangelists, who minister mainly abroad because they do not get the invites here.

This is not the time for big ministries, this is the time for ordinary men and women to step into their destiny. Perhaps I can use the analogy of the English football team, that does not do well because there are so many foreigners in the Premier League. Pastors, you must give a chance to UK preachers. To begin with you won’t get as many people coming to your conferences, but that will change.

I know at least 5 gifted evangelists in this country who hardly ever get invitations to minister here. Why is that; do we not want revival here? For worship events, why on earth do we ship in worship bands from America? As part of the Body of Christ, are we so ingrained with the celebrity culture that we will only go to a worship event is there is a big name? Our worship bands are terrific; so let us use them. We have several top prophets living in the UK; Sharon Stone, Rachel Hickson and Emma Stark; to name three. The first two do a lot of ministry abroad.

Let us use Saints from the United Kingdom; people who live here (they may not be British) and who have a heart for the land and its people, rather than those people who visit from abroad. I am not saying that we should never invite overseas visitors to speak here; the Lord might give specific instruction, or we might need someone who carries a unique anointing. What I am saying is that Revival is here/coming and this is a time for the Lord to work through those people who have sewed into the land and made sacrifices in this nation.

So come on pastors – invite UK speakers to minister at your conferences.