This is the time for Testimony

Revival is at our door. If we want it to come in we must go out and walk in it. If you come home each night with a Testimony to give, then you will be walking in revival. Revival is made up of millions of testimonies.

Is Revival Here

I am sensing that the atmosphere of Heaven is increasing in the land and I am hearing others say the same. This is the time for stepping out and being bold and offensive. If we continue to do what we have always done in this season we will miss what God is doing. We need to partner with what Holy Spirit is doing and change this nation. This is not a time for waiting it is a time for extending the Kingdom of God in your area.


I apologise for the delay in posting this. For the last two weeks the people in the USA who are responsible for .org domain names, decided in their wisdom to take the site of the web!

In October I was with Cindy Jacobs as she went to our four nations. The message was similar in each country. The reason why I have not posted one for Northern Ireland is because her whole message was the word.


The Lord would say, I am coming to Wales, but not as I have done in times past, but I am coming in a greater measure, for I never do anything lesser than what I did before. The Lord says, I have seen you and I have heard your cries, and God says you look at your city as apathetic, but I say the fields are white with harvest. The Lord says, I am the great I am that raised up the Whitefields and the Wesleys and Evan Roberts, and the Lord says, I am going to do it again, I am going to bring my power, I am going to display my Glory in a measure that you cannot imagine, greater than what you even think and the Lord would say why shouldn’t I use you, I want to use the Caleb generation, I want to use the Joshua generation. In this move of God I am going to marry the generations, I am going to bring them up together, I am going to use red, yellow, brown, black and white, I am going to use the young women and the young men and I am coming says God.  You will see signs in the heavens and signs in the earth. I am going to begin to shake says the Lord, and when you see the shaking come you will know that the visitation is not far behind the shaking. I am coming to shake everything that can be shaken says the Lord. I am coming to shake the heavens; I am coming to shake the earth. You will see signs on the cliffs, on the cliffs of the North Sea, you will see signs… in the heavens, even the newspapers will say ‘is this the end time, is this apocalyptic?’ and God says I know how to bring the fear of the Lord into our people. I am coming says the Lord, I am coming to Wales, I am going to move upon the schools, look to the schools and the land? says the Lord, for I am going to visit the little children, there is a great children’s revival coming. I am going to breathe upon the little children, I am going to breathe upon the six year olds, and the seven year olds and the eight year olds, I am going to come and visit them says the Lord. Look at the ten through twelve year olds, I am going to come upon them says God. And the Lord says I am going to come upon the? old, even you will see upon the elderly, the seniors, very old people I am going to make them rejoice in me, for God says I will not forgive one generation in this move that? I have come.                       


Coming down out of the clouds, when the cloud level broke and I felt a burst of Glory coming out of the ground – first time in 35 years.

The Lord says I am releasing a wave of Glory out of Scotland that will affect many nations says the Lord. For this is going to be transformation that affects all of Europe and the nations of the earth. God says, I am going to make you a transformed nation and the Lord says that there is a great battle over the destiny of Scotland, but what the enemy means for evil, I will turn for good. I am going to turn some things around on a level you would not imagine. The Lord says as this nation stands in prayer in the measure they stood to vote, I am going to turn it around says the Lord. The Lord says I am coming with a move of my Spirit says God, I am going to release an anointing of evangelism, there is going to be an anointing, not only of evangelism, but I see God is getting ready to send to the nations of the earth and the Lord says it is harvest time in this nation. The Lord says, many have prayed for revivals, many have said, God will you do it again, but I am saying to you I am going to do greater than what you can imagine and what you can dream, for there is a Jesus People movement coming. I am coming with a wave that is going to hit the secondary schools, it is going to hit the primary schools, it is going to be a school anointing, and it is not going to be just a few, the Lord says there are going to be child evangelists, and they are going to raise up as my burning ones and they are going to have the message of God and a message of conviction upon their lips says the Lord. God says even now there are little ones who are six and eight and ten and I am giving them dreams and they are seeing angels and they are having visitations from the Lord, but God says I am going to use them to begin to share in their schools, and if they try to shut them up, they will shout all the more and they will not be silent says the Lord.


For The Lord says there is a new sound arising out of England unlike any that has been released before.  I am calling my people to once again fill the streets with singing and dance upon injustice.

For the streets of London are filled with protestors and the enemy is stirring up a spirit of Anarchy that will attempt to inflame radicals of all types, but I say that it is time for the Lion of Judah to roar upon this land.

Wake up and call unto me, says The Lord!  Awakening me with the voice of song and dance for I inhabit the praises of my people.  It is time for the church to once again go to the streets and worship.  You will take back the streets of the cities through demonstrating your love for Me and I will be stirred up as a Mighty Man of War and fight on your behalf.

Let My Name be praised from shop to shop and school to school!  Ring the bells and cause the church to wake up.

If you will rejoice, I will release the former and latter rains upon the nation and there will be another Great Awakening that will spill out across the world.  For I desire to fill this nation and the UK and the region with My Glory says The Lord. 

The Lord said to me today, Psalm 133, United Kingdom, red, yellow, brown, black and white, dancing upon injustice, releasing the Glory of God to the streets. God has brought the Nigerians and the people from West Indies, …some people say the complexion of the nation has changed, but the Lord says I have caused it to be the colour I have always wanted it to be in my people coming together as one, for love has no colour says the Lord. The Lord says do not fear that you will lose who you are, for I am going to loose the Spirit of Evangelism, I am going to begin to move upon those, and I am going to win them to me, I am going to woo them, those who you have most feared I am bringing for the greatest harvest this nation has ever seen.  

A sound is going to be released that is going to be greater than anything that has ever come out of this nation before. God says, I am going to raise it up, I am going to raise up a new generation with a new sound that is going to pierce the heavens and release this anointing to her destiny says the Lord.