The pastor of Causeway Coast Vineyard Church in Colerain, Northern Ireland tweeted last week.

 “Something is clearly shifting in the atmosphere of our community.  114 people have given their lives to Jesus in the last 14 days” and yesterday,

 “Another fifteen folks came to faith today. Now 150 folks in 20 days. It doesn’t look like its stopping.”

 The people who are the inspiration behind ‘Healing on the Streets’ are involved in this. I have asked the church for a report on what is happening, but they have understandably said that they are very busy at the moment.

 It is happening in ones and twos on the streets. The question is, is this happening because of the anointing on the ‘Healing on the Streets’ guys, or is it because of an heavenly atmosphere over Colerain. I hope to find out in the near future.

 Either way it is very encouraging.