Last weekend Cindy Jacobs, one of the most accurate prophets in the world, was ministering at the Commonwealth Church in London. She was bringing a Word for 2014 and all she could talk about was Revival, double blessings and open doors. Among other things she said:

‘What God is preparing to do is greater than He has ever done before.

What a word! Can one ever expect to hear anything more wonderful!

Cindy returned back to the US and sent this word to John and Carol Arnott on the occasion of a Conference to celebrate the  20th Anniversary of the Outpouring known as the ‘Toronto Blessing’:

‘For the Lord would say this is not just an anniversary, but it is a sign and a wonder, a sign for what God is getting ready to release, and a wonder as it marks the  releasing of a new move of the Holy Spirit, that is the marriage of both wind and fire. This is not only the time to look back, but to be propelled forward.   I am going to do double what I have done with you as a couple and double what I did in the last visitation, says the Lord. This is the day of the Elisha awakening. England is next, then my spirit will jump to Asia and the Pacific Rim; Europe will be ablaze with my Glory and France will be touched in a glorious way. Not one continent will be left out for this is a season when the anointing will fall on those who have come, both young and old and they will go home rejoicing and carrying revival fire.’

At the same conference, Patrica Bootsma, an international prophet from Canada, said that there is going to be a great harvest in 2015 and the move is beginning now. Che Ahn reported that the well known prophet, Bob Jones, said that the Revival began in November. John Arnott said another wave is coming.

There has never been such agreement among the prophets. Our own Sharon Stone also believes that a big Revival is coming.

So, my comment to you is, PREPARE FOR REVIVAL!

A View of Revival

A View of Revival

It has been six months since my last post. Part of the reason for this is that I was hoping to report on the revival, but it has not started yet, but the main reason is that I have been researching the Welsh Revival of 1904-05.

This map shows the results of reading 80 Welsh newspapers, I have about 16 still to do. The coloured stickers represent towns and villages where I have found a report of revival. The colours represent the number of people added to the church; from blue – under 50 to yellow – over 1,000. The blue sticker predominates, but it is only because if the report does not mention the number added, I have to make it blue.

Two thirds of the reports are on my website