Thou shalt not commit adultery

The seventh Commandment is ‘thou shalt not commit adultery’. Well, that was blown away in the sexualisation of society in the 1960’s. This has led to the breakdown of marriage, family and the extended family, which continues to do irreparable damage to our society. Indirectly, it has led to the current action to bring in marriage for Homosexuals, and I heard recently that the Government is planning to take the word ‘adultery’ out of law. 

You will be glad to hear that I am not going to go through every Commandment. I have just read them for the first time in ages, and I was shocked to realise that large swathes of our society break most of them every day of their lives. The really shocking thing is that most of society would not acknowledge that they are doing anything wrong if they were to break all ten of the Commandments.

One big difference between now and 1738 is that the laws are no longer in place to protect our society from going further downhill.




Apostolic Prophetic Decrees over the UK

July 06th 2013

Principles of decrees:

1. Through decrees we can recreate/reform our world

2. Through decrees – The laws of God can be reactivated in the earth and new administration/order released

3. Decrees Establish

4. Woe to unrighteous decrees and those write them

5. A decree is forceful and violent

6. The Decision is by the decree of the watchers!

Decrees & renouncements:

1. God’s Decree: We, part of the Ecclesia, God’s legislative church in the United Kingdom, issue a new decree, tying our nation a Godly Christian foundation.

We align this nation with a holy heritage in Jesus Christ. We will build upon the foundations of truth according to scriptures in the Bible, the word of God. The United Kingdom will be a ‘’Sheep Nation”

Enemy’s proclamation: The UK will be an idolatress, compromised nation of multi-faiths.

WOE, we renounce and reject that in the Name of Jesus!
2. Gods Decree: The UK will be ablaze with the Spirit of God and other nations will see this flame. God is giving us Divine Fire for Divine change.

There will be a season known as; the “Days of Fire”.

This will release an intense heated passion for Jesus Christ across the Channel.

Our leaves will be burning fragments, carried by the winds of God to Europe and the Commonwealth as healing to the nations.

Enemy’s Proclamation: The UK is isolated and small, just two islands it cannot impact Europe and the Commonwealth with Reformation, Awakening and Revival.

WOE, we renounce and reject that in the Name of Jesus!

3. Gods Decree: UK, God has put a redemptive strength of “Self Governing” in you

God is reinstating “Self Government” under “His Kingdom Government” in your churches, cities and nation.

God is raising those who will get involved with His dominion. God is setting up those who will be a moral compass of Righteoussness.

God is aligning those who have a “Global Solution Mentality” verses a local church garden mentality.

Enemy’s Proclamation: There is no one standard of rule for all people and nations.
You cannot make a change in your nation. Your personal discipline is; “If it feels good do it”.

WOE, we renounce and reject that in the Name of Jesus!
4. Gods Decree: The Kingdom of God is advancing in the United Kingdom with revelation and power, and with glory and influence.

God’s will, will be done in the United Kingdom as it is in Heaven.

God’s Kingdom is an ever increasing kingdom and will advance to Europe and the Commonwealth.

Enemy’s Proclamation: “Spirit of Religion” will align with the “Spirit of Politics” to reinforce the stronghold of a “Spirit of Empire”. This will resist the Kingdom of God and create an atmosphere for greater authority for the “Anti-Christ spirit” across the UK, Europe and the Commonwealth.

WOE, we renounce and reject that in the Name of Jesus!
5. Gods Decree: United Kingdom your labour in not in vain. God has a Great Harvest of Souls for you. You are not barren. You will be known as a “Spiritual Womb” among the nations.

Enemy’s Proclamation: You are too weary to deliver sons and daughters for Jesus.

WOE, we renounce and reject that in the Name of Jesus!
6. Gods Decree: UK, your redemptive identity is God’s Majesty. The display of God’s Kingdom through you will be a “Glory of Majesty”.

Enemy’s Proclamation: UK you have no clear identity, because you have no Father.

WOE, we renounce and reject that in the Name of Jesus!
7. Gods Decree: UK, God has made you a people who rally during crisis.

UK, you are made for “Great Unity” and “Corporate Authority” during the last days calamities.

Enemy’s Proclamation: The people of the UK will speak of weather and football, but will not connect with heart issues.

WOE, we renounce and reject that in the Name of Jesus!
8. Gods Decree: UK, God is delivering you from religion and old models to a “Relevant Invasion” into all spheres and domains.

Enemy’s Proclamation: UK you will remain insular in your buildings without national influence.

WOE, we renounce and reject that in the Name of Jesus!

9. Gods Decree: Because you are asking of Me your God, I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession.

Enemy’s Proclamation: You are small minded and small visioned. Leave the great aspirations to the big foolish nations.

WOE, we renounce and reject that in the Name of Jesus!
10. Gods Decree: God is awakening the United Kingdom. We are coming out of our slumber. The victorious, visible church in our nation is arising.

Enemy’s Proclamation: Stay asleep, be comfortable, you don’t have to pray or operate in Spiritual Warfare. If God is in control, let Him do it.

WOE, we renounce and reject that in the Name of Jesus!

Thou shalt not kill

God rescued us in 1738, but the situation today differs in two significant ways. Firstly, I believe that our society is in a worse position. The society in 1738 at least had some godly laws in place, but our governments, past and present have dismantled our laws to an alarming degree.

The Abortion Act of 1967 opened the way to legalised murder. One can see from that time that society began to dishonour life. Once the Commandment, ‘Thou shalt not kill’ was disregarded in law, it was a marker for the floodgates to open. The Abortion Act was only meant to allow abortions in exceptional circumstances, but the courts turned a blind eye, so that we now have Abortion on demand and millions of children have been killed since 1967. This dishonouring of life has now led to people wanting the law to allow them to kill themselves if they have a bad illness and there is open talk of Euthanasia for the old. We are a hairs breadth away from Euthanasia being enshrined in our laws!

I have a question for you – are you going to do anything to stop it?