How I Was Called to Revival (Part 3 of 3)

When God calls you to do something my advice to you is DO IT!


Soon after the Lord asked me to pray over the ‘wells’, I had a phone call from my brother to say that his business was in trouble and could I come and help him. I am/was an accountant, and I worked for my brother three days a week for some years. When I asked the Lord what He wanted of me, I gave up working for my brother, to give the Lord space for Him to use me. Because I loved my brother, I went back to work for him for a short time, but at the end of my time with him I did not return to the work God had given me to do. I do not remember any particular reason why I ignored God’s instructions, but the fact is I did.

It was about four years later that I got a phone call from one of our leading intercessors, who knew what God had asked me to do, asking me where the ‘wells’ were in the nation. I suppose the Lord had told her to contact me, to give me a kick up the… Well it worked. As soon as I heard her question, I was filled with remorse and from that second I have been trying to complete the task God has given me.

To be honest, I am fed up doing the research. However, had I obeyed God in the first place, the research would all be over by now!

How I Was Called to Revival (Part 2 of 3)

How I Was Called to Revival (Part 2 of 3)

The next stage in my journey was to find out what God wanted me to do. In 2001 He told me to fast for 40 days and then I had a dream where the Lord told me that I would soon find out what my ministry was to be. A couple of weeks later I went to the US for an Intercessors’ conference and while there the Lord spoke to me about six times (I guess He knew that I needed to be sure that it was Him speaking), in different ways, that He wanted me to pray over the Spiritual Wells of the UK.

The only place of significance I really knew in the UK was Whitby. I knew that we had a chance at the Synod of 664 to become a born again nation, but instead we became a Catholic vassal of Rome. I ignored the fact that Whitby was a stronghold and not a well and went up there to pray over it. On the way back I asked the Lord where else I should go to, but soon realised that I had to do research to find this out. My job was to research our Christian history to discover where God had poured out in the past, and to pray open the Wells of Revival.

How I Was Called to Revival (Part 1 of 3)

How I Was Called to Revival (Part 1 of 3)

So why am I posting stuff about ‘revival’? I suppose my journey towards revival began soon after I became a Christian, twenty-five years ago. I had a love of history and I was soon being stirred up through reading the biographies of some of our great Christian heroes; such as Wesley, Whitefield, Wilberfoce, John Newton, Booth etc. The first biographies I read were by John Pollock.

My next landmark was Toronto in 1994. I knew that there was something missing in my faith and as soon as I came across the supernatural I knew that was what had been missing. Even though my church closed down its ‘Toronto’ meetings, I knew I needed to continue, so I went to many conferences abroad and on several mission trips; wanting more of God, wanting to see revival.

How Revival Spread

Awakenings in the nineteenth century and beyond would generally spread through families and communities. Many of the revivals were amongst the Methodists, and would take place in Agricultural communities, Fishing communities and Mining communities. The populations within the communities would often have households with 10+, including three or even four generations. If one of the family was a drunk and abusive father, and he came to the Lord; everyone in the family and in the community would see an incredible change in his behaviour, which would lead to several wanting to embrace whatever had caused this change.

This is how revivals tended to spread, but we do not have extended families today and we have precious few communities, so how will God do it this time?

Prophecy: Revival in Scotland

A prophecy of revival for Scotland given on Monday 25 March 2013 by another reputable prophet – Emma Stark:

I am releasing the ship of redemption to sail to and through the nation of Scotland again.

I am a fisher of men and this ship, already in motion, has started to move and ripple the waters. I am sailing with a ship of rescue for many souls. You have made a harbour for me to dock in. You have made a harbour fit for my ship to sail into. You have cleared the docks of the ships of the enemy who wanted to fill their decks with prisoners. But my ships coming will enable many hundreds of thousands of people in Scotland to sail with me into forever freedom. You have called to me and made a space for me to draw close to this land. You have established a place for my arrival and for my saving grace to rush in and be made known.

I heard God say, I have had to turn my face away from you for so long and I wept in heaven as Scotland partnered with the false gods of evil. I held back from being close to you Scotland and my heart was torn, for my love for you Scotland burns, and the many waters of the waves of your sin have not quenched the way I feel about you.

My heart desires you Scotland, my heart is moved for the people and by the people and just as I released a deliverer called Moses, after my people groaned and cried in captivity, so you have groaned and your cries and shouts of anguish and repentance have enabled me to release the revival ship of my saving grace to your shores.

I am closer than you think; my ship of redemption is closer than you know, for I have come in Scotland under the radar, hidden in the swirling mists of my presence. You have felt me closer and you have known that I was at hand, but your hunger has moved me and you are the welcoming party on the shore, wave at me, shout for joy, just as a people once did when I rode on a donkey into Jerusalem.

Celebrate my coming for this revival ship of life comes to work miracles in hearts that you thought had totally turned against me.

Scotland, I heard God say, this is a Lazarus ship of redemption, and my mighty voice that sounds like oceans, roars an awakening noise to many. I am sweeping, I am sweeping, I am sweeping over the people of Scotland. I am turning hearts and a whole nation back to you.

I am coming soon. Scotland the revival ship is heading for your shores!