Book Review: Prepare for Revival

Book Review: Prepare for Revival

Review of Michael Marcel’s Prepare for Revival

by John Peters, CWR Today magazine (May 2013)

This judiciously priced book is an important and welcome contribution to the increasingly vast corpus of materials on revival. Important because it is wide ranging, thorough and scrupulously researched. Welcome because its author writes out of a ‘heart’ that is, in his own words, ‘for the United Kingdom’. His concern is brought into sharp focus when it is recalled that there is hardly anyone who has experienced revival here under 70 years of age.

The conceptual framework of revival is scrutinised carefully, the author viewing it as a ‘general move of God that touches the back-slidden’. He also sees it as a refreshing which affects active and committed Christians in the Church as an awakening when non-Christians come alive to the existence and love of God; as a reformation when society at large is deeply affected; and as a transformation when ‘80–100% of the people in an area are saved and Christianity pervades every area of society’.

The author then surveys examples of revivals in the United Kingdom from 800 AD onwards, together with a review of the effects and results of revival, with an appropriate emphasis on ‘The Presence of God’. In addition, he is absolutely convinced that when revival ‘comes in its fullness’, the manifest presence of God will fill churches, houses and even the streets.

Prepare For Revival is an exciting and encouraging book. Why? There are at least two reasons. First because it is written out of the Holy Spirit-inspired confidence that: ‘God wants to bring revival to our land. Not only is the spiritual atmosphere changing, but the worldly conditions are changing as well. The financial crisis we are in means that people are more lost and more desperate than they have been for generations. This should be the perfect time for the Church to rise up and take its place.’ Second it goes into comprehensive detail on ‘how’ to prepare for revival, including passion for God, repentance, holiness, intercession and prayer and, significantly, what he describes as ‘Fire Igniters’, by which he means men and women who not only have a passion for God but who move in the power of God.

Permeating this whole book is the robustly-held conviction that, in the words of one CWR supporter who wrote to me recently, ‘Nothing is too difficult for God. Whenever [revival] comes God’s timing is always right’. Exactly.

John Peters

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