Prepare for Revival!

Prepare for Revival!

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Here is a link to the Introduction of my series on the lives of Revivalists and Reformers. They are called my FORGOTTEN HEROES.
I believe it is essential for the Body of Christ, especially young people, to know about our spiritual heritage and about the lives of these extraordinary men and women.

If you like them please would you promote them? I have six films and will post one each week, but if people like them I will prepare another 12 that we have already filmed.


This is the first of six videos of my Forgotten Heroes. I hope you will enjoy them and pass them on if you do. The Body of Christ needs to know more about our Spiritual Heritage.


I am happy to say that the move of God that began at Capstone, Ilford in June is beginning to gain traction. There are a few bold people who have received at Capstone and have recognised what God is doing and are starting ‘Revival’ meetings.
Sunday 22nd October and Sunday 29th October at 7pm, Good News Church, Senior Citizens Hall, Duke Street, Macclesfield SK11 6UR.  ‘We do think that this is a genuine move of God that could develop into something big.’
Saturday 14th at 7.00pm, Living Waters Four Square Church, The Scout Hut,387 Kenton Road,Kenton HA3 0YG.
Every Wednesday and Friday, Bethel Church, 11 Delaware Street, Preston, PR1 5XT
A good friend of mine has ministered to three different streams in three days and ‘the power of the Holy Spirit fell in all settings; people weeping and shaking under the power of God.’ He has seen this abroad a lot, but this is the first time he has seen it in the UK, in such a consistent way. 
God has great plans for our nation, but He cannot do it without our help. The above meetings are a start, but we need hundreds of fires to break out here. 

More Testimonies

Here are a few more testimonies. Undoubtedly, God is moving powerfully at Capstone Church and elsewhere in the nation. BE ENCOURAGED – BE EXPECTANT!
Pastor of Oasis Asian Congregation, London
God has been moving on the congregation for almost a year, giving people words, visions and spiritual gifts. But the congregation has been fearful that what they received was not from God. They were scared when people fell under the Spirit. Their “tongues” were little stuttering sounds, not proper words.
Between 20 and 25 of the congregation have now visited Capstone and this has changed the people, even the ones who have not visited Capstone, and the weekly meetings. Their tongues have all become full languages. They have many visions which they express boldly and openly. One 18 year old girl cried with joy when she received her first ever vision. Some have seen angels. At Capstone they saw people laughing, crying and falling in the Spirit and they now welcome this as normal Christianity. Wonderful changes indeed and we know this is only the start.
Paul Marriott

I spent a significant period of private prayer where I asked the Lord to lead me through effective repentance of anything that put self above Him. As a result of a discussion with a dear friend whose faith-walk is a yardstick of integrity, I asked the Lord to cleanse me of all hindrances and blockages in me that would prevent me hearing His voice or understanding His word; I asked Him to purify me in His refiner’s fire of all the dross and impurities (the burning bush was not a consuming fire but it represented ‘holy ground’) and finally to make me a holy vessel fit to be poured out for His purposes.

‘On the day I went to Capstone Church Ilford, which I had never heard of before, I’d added a statement in my prayer group, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one could find a church where man completely took his hand off the service and allowed God to run it?” – to which several in that group responded with a resounding “Amen”.  

‘Since then my passion for Jesus has grown exponentially, I am totally in love with Him; I have unspeakable love for my wife and family; Amanda and Sarah have been incredibly supportive. I dance like David danced in every time of worship, my love of the lost knows no ends and I am now daily leading people to Jesus or making Him known to them on a journey they are wanting to undertake. Talking of journeys every train and bus trip and high street walk and shop visit is a befriending-for-Jesus-time and even my hospital appointment today resulted in Him being made known to the waiting room in an utterly friendly way and in my praying for various people there to be healed.

‘In 12 days since I first attended Capstone I have been healed of a very painful post-viral knee condition (I laid claim to Isaiah 53:5d – by His wounds (stripes) we are healed); I feel like 26 and not 62; lost 14lbs in weight (1.5 stone over 3 weeks) – largely from “worshipping with all my being” which has now attained a remarkable prophetic edge (who me this previously demure 62-year-old Englishman?) and also within a week have attained an admittedly medically-aided blood-pressure reduction from 173/117 on Mon 7th August to 136/72 which I was told today…is the blood pressure of a healthy 17-year-old! I’ll have that. 1 Corinthians 1:31 says “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord”. Indeed I do and I give all the glory for this transformation to God

Rhian During the London Awakening the presence of God has been visiting constantly and presented healing miracles on my body. Such instances have been as follows; Healing of constant pain of spinal and sciatic impingement, of nerve pain caused by canal stenosis and disc protrusion – result received on 12 September. No pain as of 13 September. Night of Jerame Nelson. —– Healing from blur in right eye after diagnosis of a cataract on 4 September. Night of Tomi & Tobi Arayomi visit. —— Healing of heavy pain in right toe while walking, which made me walk with a stick to church. Healing from a tight and excruciating painful left wrist, which resorted to me having to use a splint. Night of Miranda Nelson – August —– Healing from haemorrhaging every month, which sometimes stopped me from going out – no longer present and now all under control. Night of Jerame Nelson – July No more lower spinal pain, which stopped me going out and missing church on and off for 3 months. GOD IS AN AMAZING GOD! A GOD WHOM I WILL ALWAYS TRUST AND THANK, NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION. My life is beginning to change and i am now back at university studying again after a break, after a blessing of finance facilitation and management. Praise God!

Pastor Roy Farrell, Victory Outreach, Liverpool.

‘Today at “The Catalyst” Senior Pastor Roy Farrell was sharing about the vision of Victory Outreach & Liverpool. Envisioning God’s people about our inner city ministry, and our Victory Homes. When asked “What our needs were in VOCL?” Pastor Roy said “Property for more homes” and everyone at The Catalyst prayed for us.

As Pastor Roy walked into the lobby his phone rang, and he was told that someone wanted to give him a property with a 10 bedroom house. Praise the Lord!
Simon Braker, prophet in Leicester.
The Lord told me today to call my friend in Hull to tell him that the Holy Spirit is going to break out in his life. As I spoke to him, the Holy Spirit hit him and he is now pinned to the floor in his office.’
Light & Life Outreach, Glasgow
Two young girls (in their early twenties) wondered in from the streets because “there was an amazing atmosphere coming from the building!” When asked what they’d come in for, they said: “We’ve no idea, we were just walking past and felt we really needed to come in!” They went on to receive some prophetic ministry and left feeling ‘gobsmacked’ – and are keen to come back for more!

One young lad, previously from a New Age background, asked Jesus into his life at one of our first Glasgow Pit Stop events about three years ago. He came back on Friday and brought a friend with him. Within a few minutes, his friend had also asked Jesus into her life,  


This is just to let you know that Capstone is still going strong and entering a new phase. The prophecy is from the seasoned prophet Simon Braker

“As we stood in worship the Lord took me into a vision. I saw a giant bowl in this room and it was full. The angel went to the Father and said, ‘Father it is full’, and the Father looked at him and said, ‘well then, get a bigger one ‘. I saw that bowl being tipped into another bowl, and what is here now was dwarfed, because the bowl was so big. What I hear the Lord say is He has been building it up to this moment, and it is no coincidence that Apostle Che Ahn is here tonight and Jerame (Nelson) is coming next week, because from this moment it shifts into an apostolic flow, that it is going to break into a new level in the nations.”

Capstone move of God prophesied 12 years ago!

This is a word given by a woman I respect who has been in full time ministry for many years.

Having watched the London Awakening meetings I felt it was Time to release this dream The Lord gave me almost 12 years ago. The Lord showed me a group of people who had moved from Manor Park to Ilford and was now ministering in Ilford. I saw a group of 11 people worshipping on the streets of Ilford going from street to street, but the interesting thing was a woman was in the frontline and she was dressed in a flowing bridal gown.  I then said to the Lord, what is this? And He said this is group of prophetic people /prophetic ministry that is coming to Ilford who will prepare the way for my return; they are a bridal group operating in prophetic ministry.  I noticed in the dream there were 11 people who were committed at that time in dream  I also noticed that worship was key to this group in preparing the way and a people for the return of Christ.


This report is from the head of the Four Square church in this country – Surekha Hulugalle, and covers last week. Surekha and his family have been to Capstone several times over the previous 5 weeks. I consider this really important, because it shows how the anointing that is on offer at Capstone is being transferred. 

“I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh ……” (Joel 2:28)

The Foursquare Great Britain annual youth camp was held at the Britannia Hotel in Market Bosworth from Sunday 30th July to the 3rd of August, 2017. We had around 130 young people attending from the age of 12 and upwards.

The first night, traditionally a more “come together” and a setting of ground rules session,  was not so this year. A strong manifest presence of God came upon the youth, the leaders and even the speakers. It was different to what we had experienced before. God was setting the rules and the foundation for youth camp. Many of them prostrating themselves before God, wanting more and hungering after Him as they begun to experience Him. Young people who would never come forward, were running up and kneeling wanting more. No one was actually praying over them but God was doing it all.

This continued into every session. The next night, Craig Lawrence briefly spoke about “revival” mentioned in Michal Marcel’s book. He showed the book to the congregation and in his words, during the worship, “I could not stop crying as tears were pouring down”. This led to the youth crying out for revival and the power of God literally “hitting” them on to the floor. So many were now experiencing the touch of the Holy Spirit in a new level and wanting more, not to mention enjoying it. There was joy and an awe of His presence.

The third night saw “joy and freedom” break out. It was simply electrifying. Nothing could stop the youth from moving in what God was doing. There was exuberant joy, dancing and true freedom. The usually quiet kids, were not so. They “felt” God touching them and freeing them from oppressions and other bondages. Many were healed that night too. The sessions and topics we had planned were all messed up (in a good way). God had His plans and methods to break in.

That night a hotel guest was drawn to our meeting as he heard the music. He stood watching for a long while. Some of the leaders spoke with him and all he could say was “I want this, I want this…”. He later explained that he was very discouraged and his church had “shut out” the Holy Spirit. The church was dying, with nothing much happening and not very many people attending. He was in tears wanting God to break into His church. We prayed and prophesied over him, as the Lord gave some strong encouraging words. He then returned the next night after extending his stay simply to come for more !!! He was not disappointed. The Holy Spirit “bombarded” him to overflowing. In his own words, he said “I felt as though I had not eaten for over 6 months, but God gave me a banquet today. I have been here for a few hours but it feels like only 10 minutes”.

At each stage we would wonder, what next, since the bar was being raised. God knows more than what we could fathom. The final session was again God turning up and pouring out His Spirit. I would say everyone had some sort of an encounter. Many were drunk and could not stand up. Others baptised in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues for the first time. One of the key factors we saw was that the youth were now praying and imparting His power over one another. Usually the final session is a “thank you, but we are now tired now”. Yet this time it was “we want more and do not want to go from this place”. As someone jokingly said “this my be known as the Market Bosworth fire and awakening”.

We have been receiving testimonies of change and transformation, from kids and even parents. As one parent asked “what has happened to our son?”. Craig who has run over 1000 youth camps in Southern Califonia said that he had never seen or experienced what we did.

Video Link :
(The videos do not really present the actual atmosphere, but some sort of an idea)

Eltham :
The next day Chrishani and I had to minister at a Church anniversary service. Out heartfelt desire was “Lord, let the Pastors and Leaders in attendance receive a fresh out pouring”. One of the kids who had a strong prophetic word but also a “spiritual coronation” came to lead the worship. Well, God broke out !!! The Pastors from a culture where “hierarchy” is important, were “bewildered” by such a strong manifest presence touching them. My message was “Ask for rain in the time of the latter rain” (Zechariah 10:1).

Living Waters Foursquare (Kenton):
Our church services over the past month or so have been experiencing an outpouring. We did experience something since last October but it seems to have become intense since attending the Capstone meetings in Illford. People are hungering for more, being baptised in the Spirit and even being drunk in the Spirit. They cannot deny the manifest presence. So often the worship team gets “hit”. Last Sunday (6.8.17) at our combined language service the youth who attended the conference were praying over the adults. People who were trying to “catch” others from falling could not stand for the strong presence at the front of the church. We want more and for more to go out and touch a nation. That is our prayer.

Here is a testimony from a lady who had a tangible experience for the very first time.
Testimony: I was going up to help those ministering and suddenly I felt dizzy and my legs started to give way. I tried to move forward but I was getting pushed back. There was so much annointing there at the front. I was tipsy in the Spirit! My husband had to pull me into the front. Into because it was like stepping into a bubble. The power at the front, the altar, was awesome. It was literally like being drunk in the Spirit!

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